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Best Practices to secure your Hotmail account from Hackers and intruders

Email accounts always hold our personal information, crucial business data and much more that makes our email accounts vulnerable target for the malicious users or cybercriminals. We often talk about Gmail but HotMail is also considered as one of the leading email clients across the globe.

After Hotmail was jettisoned and moved to Microsoft, the company also has been doing well to enhance its security features. But the question that arises is how to secure your Hotmail accounts from hackers, Here we will discuss the different security options that Hotmail users should deploy:

Always use strong passwords and follow the Microsoft recommended format for your passwords

Hotmail users should use a secure password that includes a letters, numbers, and symbols and it does not include any personal information like birthrate, Employee Id, Name etc.

Use secure means of communication

Hotmail users should go for HTTPS connection instead of using HTTP as it gives users complete security. Therefore, if any outside user or hacker try to deflect the connection between the user system and Hotmail server, his connection will automatically break & he won’t get any user’s information.

Two-factor Authentication

Two-factor authentication is the best way to secure your email account from unauthorized access, in 2FA your system will ask for more than your current password. It will ask users to enter something that only they know once they entered their password. If you are looking for the best answer for 0808-169-3104 Hotmail Customer Care Number UK, then 2FA is the best solution for you.

Use anti-threat solution for your system

Suspicious emails and links will allow hackers to gain all information of your Hotmail account; with these suspicious activities, they can easily download viruses in your system and get access to your account. To safeguard your account data, you should always go for the right anti-virus software.