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Change/Recover Hotmail Password

Hotmail Reset Password –
The user for signing into the account needs to possess two elements – 1) email account and 2) password. Later is the exclusive which gives the user access for communicating with the other person. This is like a key for the lock keeping essential things like documents, files etc safe.

For creating a new Hotmail Password, the user should follow the steps mentioned below -
• The user is supposed to login into the Hotmail account.
• Now, the user needs to Click on Change password. Then enter the present password and Click on Sign in.
• In the next step, user will have to verify the identity. For this Click on the Send Code and enter the code that is received through mobile phone or email address.
• Once the account has been verified, then mention the current password and Click on Confirm.
• In the last stage, Click on Next, and then email will be sent confirming the altered password set by you.

At times, it is seen that altering the passwords in small intervals, one tends to forget the password and so accessing to the account is not possible. In case the account gets hacked then also it becomes difficult. So, re-setting of the password is necessary. It is also convenient provided all the security information is adequate.

The user should follow the guidelines for re-setting the password -
• The user first of all needs to go to the official page https://account.live.com/resetpassword.aspx
• Then Check on “I forgot my password” and then Click on Next.
• In this step, enter the email address.
• Now, mention the verification code and Click on Next.
• User needs to Select on Text or Email.
• Now, enter the email address or phone number and Click on Send Code.
• Now mention the recovery code.
• Create a new password and tap on Next.

Well, if the user after resetting the password has got some more technical issues, then immediately call the experts through Hotmail password Recovery Experts. Professionals will assist in recovering the Hotmail account. Experts will provide all the assistance for receiving correct solutions for the technical issues.