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Change/Recover Hotmail Password

In order to sign-in to an email account, one definitely needs two things, one is an email address and other is email password. Without password one cannot access their account. It is the password that keeps your account safe and private, so you should keep changing it after few months.

To change your Hotmail password please follow the given steps:
• First, sign-in with your Hotmail account using your email ID and current password
• Go to security page and select “Change Password”.
• Now enter your current password and then the new password in appropriate columns.
• You will need to enter your new password twice for confirmation.
• Then select Save.

But at time, because of changing password frequently we forget our password and couldn’t log-in to our account. We also lose our access to our account in case it gets hacked. This is when you need to reset your Hotmail password. Resetting is quite easy if you have added proper security information.

Please follow the given instructions to reset the password:
• Visit “Reset your password” page and then select the appropriate reason to reset the password.
• Click “Next”.
• Now enter the email address of your account.
• After that, enter the characters you see on-screen and click “Next”.
• If you have entered proper security information (Phone number or alternative email address) then you will receive a one-time code.
• Once you will enter that code, you will be able to reset your password.

But if in case resetting password doesn’t work for you, then contact our Hotmail Password Recovery experts to recover your Microsoft account. We will provide every possible solution for password related issues.