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What to do when your Account temporarily blocked?

Hotmail is beyond messaging and emailing, it provide many services which are used on daily basis such as browser based version of Office, SkyDrive, address book and many more. But some basic mistakes by user can block your account. There are three main reasons behind it.

1. If you attempt to play pirated games on the console.
2. If you try to store material on SkyDrive which are against its terms and conditions such as adult photos might lead to blocked account.
3. When your account gets hijacked by scammer because of spam mails will cause account blockage.

A blocked account can deprive you of using other services as well, such as SkyDrive, Windows Live Messenger etc. Thus, it becomes necessary for you to take immediate action to retrieve your account. To retrieve your account you need to answer the security question correctly. Please follow the given steps to complete the process.

• To restore your access, first sign-in to your account.
• You will have to provide information that proves your identity.
• Your alternative email ID can be used to retrieve the account, or you need to answer some security questions.

In most cases, user is able to successfully retrieve their account but if in case you have misused your account then you might lose your data forever. Although, in case of hijacked account you will need some assistance from experts to get your access back on your account. For that, please give us a call on Hotmail Help Desk. Proper guidance will be served to resolve the issue.