< How do I import Contacts to Hotmail?

How do I import Contacts to Hotmail?

Hotmail can also lead to technical issues when imposed with some unknown difficulties while accessing it. Contacts are the essential thing that every account needs to control conversation between people. Can’t add your existing contacting while accessing your Hotmail account? When you use a web browser to access your Hotmail account, adding the already existing contact is quite simple. If you are confronting some error other than this, you can call the expertise team at Hotmail Help Number UK. The tech professionals here are very happy to help you every time you face any difficulty in your path.

If you use Hotmail, you can import your contacts from Gmail, or using an exported address book in a file form, which is usually a CSV file. If you are unable to do so alone then to import your contacts to Hotmail, you can follow the given steps:

• You need to open your web browser and go to the official website of Hotmail and sign in to your Hotmail account.
• After signing in, just click on the small down-arrow.
• When you see the four buttons, out of them, click on People.
• In the People's page, you need to click on Manage. In the pull down menu, click Add people.
• And then, in the next screen, you can add or import your contacts from different websites or using a CSV file.
• On selecting Facebook, you will be prompted to connect your Hotmail account to your Facebook account so that it can pull out the contacts or friends from the account.
• While you choose Google contacts, you will get a dialog box to connect your Hotmail account to your Gmail or Google account so that the contacts can be accessed and imported to your Hotmail. You can connect by signing in to your Gmail or Google account using the dialog box.
• While you choose LinkedIn contacts, you will get prompted with a dialog box to sign in to your LinkedIn account in order for Hotmail to access the LinkedIn contacts and import to your Hotmail. Just login to the account.
• After you choose Twitter contacts, you need to connect and login to your Twitter accounts for importing your twitter contacts to Hotmail.
• And at last, when you choose Import from file, you shall get a new tab or window where you have three steps to follow to import the contacts in a file. Just keep the default setting and then click on the Browse button to locate the CSV file where the contacts are stored.
• After selecting the CSV file correctly, the box for "Choose the file to import" above will be filled with the CSV file's path.
• Now, click on Import contacts button to initiate the uploading of the file and importing of the email contacts in the CSV file.

If you still have some query, you can correct such technical difficulties, by contacting at Hotmail Phone Number UK and everything will be fine in the shortest period possible. The tech executives here are given the best knowledge and their expertise can be tested when they resolve your issue on the go.