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Recover Your Lost Hotmail Emails

Have you ever lost your important emails or messages? Yes, this happens with all of us at some point in time and this is the situation when we feel helpless. But now you do not have to worry about it as Microsoft has provided a resolution for it as well and our Hotmail Technical Service Agents are now presenting it to you. There are two different email and data recovery solutions.

Most of the time we lost important mails either because of hitting delete button by mistake or due to disk formatting, virus attack, system crash and many such reasons. To recover your emails please follow the given methods.

Method 1: Restore from trash folder

When you hit the delete button, the email which is being deleted goes to trash folder. One can easily restore an email from there. For this, look for “recover deleted messages” option which appears when you enter the “Deleted” folder. This will bring back messages to deleted folder and from deleted folder you can easily move them to your inbox.

Method 2: Use Ease US Data Recovery Software

If it is not possible to retrieve lost mails from trash folder then you can try using EaseUS file recovery software. This tool works well on desktop email applications. It is an amazing tool to recover deleted files and lost data.

• Launch the software and select the disk or location from where you lost email files.
• Click scan button to start quick scan to find Hotmail files.
• After quick scan, deep scan automatically starts to look for Email files and data.
• You can preview and restore lost files from there by clicking “Recover” button. This way file will be saved in safe location.

If you get stuck anywhere then do not feel worries as you can contact us on Hotmail Recovery Helpline to get proper support.