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Restore your Deleted Email

If there is any emailing service that offers you unique features and amazing working experience, it is Hotmail. This emailing service has did a great job in terms of performance and with time this emailing service have shown some technical issues too. When you start using the emailing service you will get to see several advantages from this emailing service. One of the amazing features of this emailing service is this allows you to store and retrieve all your contacts. Isn’t it amazing? This feature was not available in any other emailing services, with time everyone is introducing this feature in their service.

There can be many reasons because of which you will need to restore your deleted email and at that time you are required to get that back as soon as you can. Those who are using this emailing service can easily do it and in case any hindrance comes on your way you can do it with Hotmail Support.

How to Recover your Deleted Contact?

• Sign in to your hotmail account and then, go to the people page.
• Click, on manage in menu bar and after that click on restore deleted contact.
• Here you need to select the deleted contact which you want to restore.
• You can also go with the option of restore all to all restore the deleted contacts.

If you are planning to recover the email contact after deleting it you can do it easily, but make sure that it should be between 30 days. Once 30 days got passed away you won’t be able to recover the deleted contact. If the recovery process is going tough for you, take help from Hotmail Customer Care and get the issue corrected in easiest possible time.