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Restoring of Deleted Mails

The emails get deleted if the user out of lack of knowledge or by mistake has Clicked on the delete tab. In other case it might be that error in disk formatting, virus attack, system crash etc is the reason. For correcting or getting out of this problem user needs to follow the points mentioned below –

Step – 1 The user is needed to open the Hotmail Webpage. With this function the user will se opening of Hotmail Account inbox, provided the user is logged in.

Step – 2 User should Right Click on the Deleted Items tab. It is located on the left side of the screen, towards the bottom of the list in the inbox folders. if the user is using Mac, then experts suggest to make use of two fingers and then Click on Deleted Items.

Step – 3 Click on Recover Deleted Email tab or dialog box. This option is near the bottom of the right Click menu. On executing it second page of the Hotmail will pop-up.
• If the browser is blocking the opening of pop-up windows then user will have to Click on the “blocked pop-up” icon in the top right corner of the URL and then give permission to pop-ups from the Hotmail to open the recovery page.

Step – 4 Clicking on the Checkboxes to the left of each mail user is willing to restore or retrieve. In this section all the emails which was deleted in the past fortnight is going to be visible.
• If the user does not get list of any emails, then users’ emails have surpassed from the recovery date.
• One can make good use of the search bar at the top of the page to figure out a particular email.

Step – 5 Click on Recover. This section is visible if the user has locked the vision at the top left corner of the page.

Step – 6 User can Click on OK. On doing so the user will be able to restore the selected emails to your inbox.

The Hotmail Helpline Number is always present for giving out the proper form of aid to the concerned user. Now all types of doubts in reference to recovery of the emails will enable user to purge from the technical issue.