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Problem in Sending and Receiving Mails through Hotmail

We use hotmail service to communicate with people, but on certain occasions either we are not able to send or receive mails. This can happen for different reasons. You can try the given solutions one by one to rectify this issue. Try sending yourself a test mail after every step to make sure if the solution worked for you or not. In case, nothing helps you out, then rely on our service providers to help you in this critical situation with their knowledge and experience.

• Please check to it that you are connected with the internet.
• Maybe you have made some changes in your account setting recently which is causing the issue.
• Suspicious mails can block you and stop you from receiving any mail. Better delete any suspicious email.
• If you use an antivirus program which includes email scanning feature then please check it site for its configuration, because wrong configuration can cause send and receive error.
• Also, configure the setting of your Firewall, to enable Hotmail access the internet. Sometimes, Firewall even blocks genuine access.

There are many reasons behind this issue, and these can be corrected with proper assistance from Hotmail technical experts. Do not let such issues harm your work or peace. When you encounter any problem, simply connect with us and let us help you to keep your Hotmail away from any technical queries.