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How to unblock and recover a blocked Hotmail account?

Microsoft Hotmail is a multi-tasking email client that is beyond emails and instant messaging, this tool gain more popularity as it offers services like Calendar, address book, SkyDrive, Live Mesh and it has a system that synchronizes files between mobile and desktop.

How Hotmail account becomes blocked?

There are number of things that result in blocked Hotmail account or suspended an account. It usually happens if Hotmail team found that Hotmail account has been compromised or being misused by the users & they send out junk mails. So whenever some unusual activity found on the account, to protect it from fraud or abusive activity, Hotmail account will become blocked or suspended. If you are facing the same problem with your Hotmail account or you are encountering any other issues with your Hotmail account then you can contact us at 0808-169-3104 Hotmail customer support number UK.

How to unblock your account?

It very easy to unblock Hotmail account, to unblock Microsoft will ask you to enter a code that you will receive a text message on your mobile number. The user can enter any phone number to get the verification code on their number. The number user use to receive a text it does not need to be associated with your Hotmail account. The user can also enter alternate email Id to unblock their temporarily suspended Hotmail account. To know more on Hotmail issues and concern call us at 0808-169-3104 0808-169-3104 Hotmail Support Number UK.

The user can follow below steps to unblock your Hotmail account:

• Open https://account.microsoft.com and sing into your suspended Hotmail account
• Enter your phone number to receive verification code
• Once you receive the code, enter it on web page
• Now change the password and complete the unblocking process. It is recommended if you didn’t receive security code on the number you entered then, try again or add a different number. This is how one can easily unblock their Hotmail account.